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Home Group Questions — Jesus…What’s The Story? — Week 5: Parable of the Treasure/Pearls of Great Price

GETTING STARTED… This past Sunday, Pastor Mel continued his series on the Parables, and focused on the Parable of the Treasure/Pearl of Great Price. The worth of our relationship with God cannot be measured, and should radically transform the passions and values that shape our lives! Click here to download this week’s Home Group Questions: Homegroup…

Sermon Notes – The Heart of Living Missionally

David Michaelian – CRU National Director for Pacific Southwest Joe Priola – CRU at UCSD and SDSU Colossians 1:15-20 Download the latest sermon notes Here: 5-6-2012 Outline-Dave Michaelian & Joe Priola The audio of the sermon can be found on our sermon audio page here: