Posts from August 2012

Sermon Notes – Uplifting

Bottom Line: We are the church and are called to live in a relationship with God and others that is edifying and uplifting, while we make an impact in this world for Christ!   You can download the latest sermon notes here- 8-26-12 Outline-Svendsen Please feel free to listen to the latest sermon audio here:

Sermon Notes – What Does God Require?

Bottom Line: God desires believers to demonstrate some key qualities as they seek to follow Him. These qualities reflect the person of God and His greatness in our lives! Download the latest sermon notes here: 8-19-12 Outline-Svendsen Listen to the Sermon Audio here:  

Sermon Notes – Gripped by the Greatness of God

Bottom Line: The power of praise is an essential component of the life of a believer as we seek to live in awe and amazement of the God that we serve!   Download the latest Sermon Notes Here: 8-12-12 Outline-Svendsen Listen to the Latest Sermon Audio Here:

Sermon Notes – In It To Win It

Bottom Line: Followers of Christ are called to a life of dedication and devotion that is filled with godly purpose and intensity.   You Can download the latest sermon notes here: 8-5-12 Outline-Svendsen   You may also listen to the audio message here: