Posts from September 2012

Sermon Notes – Life’s 10 Greatest Challenges! Part 4

Bottom Line: Taking God’s name in vain pertains to any misuse or misrepresentation of the name of God in our words or actions, thereby dishonoring His name, character, and reputation!   Download the Sermon Outline Here: 9-30-12 Outline-TenGreatestChallengesPart4 Listen to the Sermon Audio Here:

Sermon Notes – Life’s 10 Greatest Challenges! Part 3

Bottom Line: True worship entails all that I am responding to all that God is. God forbids idols because they diminish and devalue Him, which ultimately leads to false worship!   Download the sermon outline here: 9-23-12 Outline-TenGreatestChallengesPart3 Listen to the sermon audio Here:

Sermon Notes – Connected in High Places

Bottom Line: We have a mediator between us and God the Father to strengthen our relationship and communication with Him. Our mediator is Jesus and He is awesome!   Download the Sermon notes here: 9-2-12 Outline-Svendsen You can listen to the Sermon Audio here: