Posts from March 2013

Sermon Notes – PALM SUNDAY: Jesus in Pursuit of Sin and Death!

Bottom Line: The Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem is a high point in the ministry of Jesus as He is welcomed by most, but rejected by others. His pursuit of death and ultimate victory over sin is coming to a climax.   Download the latest sermon notes here: 3-24-13 Outline-Svendsen-PalmSunday Listen to the latest sermon audio here:…

Sermon Notes – Faith That Works – Pt 8.1

Bottom Line: We, as believers with genuine faith, must be committed to honoring and obeying God in WHAT we say and the WAY in which we communicate with those around us.   Download the latest Sermon Notes here: 3-17-13 Outline-Svendsen-James8TamingTonguePart1   Listen to the Sermon Audio here:

Future Triumph: The Necessity of Hard Lessons

Bottom Line: God calls us to endure suffering for His glory. In fact, we are to be glad when trials and testings come because our correct response of faith in the midst of those trials makes us more like Christ.   Download the Sermon Notes here: 3-10-13 Outline-Arvid Svendsen Listen to the Sermon Audio here: