Posts from October 2013

Home Group Questions – Removing The Roof

This past Sunday, our guest speaker Chaplain Ray Bailey spoke on the book of Mark. He focused on being involved in a “Roof Removing” ministry and putting a hole in our schedules to stay connected to Jesus. Click here to download this week’s Home Group Questions: Home Group Questions-Removing The Roof 10-13-13 Chaplain Ray Bailey.

Sermon Notes – Right…From The Beginning- Esau & Jacob- The Peril of “My Way”

Bottom Line: Believers today face the challenge of living their lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ which is defined as living life God’s way. The story of Esau and Jacob highlights the peril of doing life “my way”! Download the sermon notes here: 10-6-13 Outline-Svendsen-RightFromEsauJacobBonsallPart9notes Listen to the sermon audio here: