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HOME GROUP QUESTIONS – LIGHT IT UP – RESPONDING TO: “Christians Should Stay Out Of Politics” (WEEK 12)

This past Sunday, Pastor Mel continued his series on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ effectively with those around us. This week he spoke on how we should view politics, and our involvement in it, as we approach another election season. Click here to download this week’s Home Group Questions: Homegroup QuestionsPolitics10192014LightItUpWeek12.

Sermon Notes – LIGHT IT UP – RESPONDING TO: “You’re Judging People!” (WEEK 11)

Bottom Line: The Bible calls believers to make discerning judgments regarding doctrinal and moral issues. Believers are, however, called to reject unloving condemnation of others who believe or live differently than we do! Listen to the sermon audio here: Download the sermon notes here: 10-12-14 Outline-Svendsen-LightItUpJudgingWeek11

Sermon Notes – Light It Up – Responding To: “Those Who Have Never Heard of Jesus!” (Week 10)

Bottom Line: God will always judge correctly when it comes to the salvation of others. We should trust Him to do the right thing and remember that we will be held accountable for what we know about Jesus and the Gospel message. Listen to the sermon audio here: Download the sermon notes here: 10-5-14 Outling-Svendsen-LightItUpNeverHeardWeek10