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Home Group Questions – June 26, 2016

This past Sunday, we celebrated another year of God’s faithfulness to Riverview Church and the faithfulness of God’s people in creating a fellowship where people are serving the Lord in the way they serve each other. Paul was an amazing example of a person that impacted the lives of others and engendered an amazing response…

Sermon Notes – Can’t Defeat the Real Thing

Bottom Line: There is a spiritual battle raging all around us. This is a battle in which we have the power to be victorious as long as we are truly connected to Christ and working according to His Word! Listen to the sermon audio here: Download the sermon notes here: 6-19-16 Outline-SvendsenActs19Can’tDefeat1

Sermon Notes – Finding Common Ground

Bottom Line: The culture we live in has moved further and further away from a biblical foundation. This calls for the church to find points of common ground from which to share Jesus Christ. Download the sermon notes here: 06052016Acts17PaulAthensNotes Listen to the sermon notes here:

Home Group Questions – Finding Common Ground

This past Sunday, Pastor Mel spoke on Paul’s visit to Athens and his efforts to share Christ in a non-Jewish environment, seeking to find common ground with his Greek audience so that the gospel could be more clearly communicated. Here is a link to this week’s home group questions: Homegroup QuestionsActs1706052016