Posts from September 2016

Sermon Notes – Rising Above Rejection

Bottom Line: We can overcome the hurt of being rejected for our faith by remembering where our value and identity is found as followers of Christ. Listen to the sermon audio here: Download the sermon notes here: outlinesvendsenfollowingjesusrejection2016notespart7

Sermon Notes – Loving the Unlovable!

Bottom Line: To truly follow Christ, we must learn to break down walls that divide us and learn to love the “unlovable”! Download the sermon notes here: outline-svendsen09182016followingjesuswomanatwell2016part6 Listen to the sermon audio here:

Sermon Notes – In It To Win It!

Bottom Line: Let’s face it, temptation is all around us! Jesus in His early ministry gives us a clear example of how to have victory over temptation in our lives. Download the sermon notes here:  Listen to the sermon audio here: