Posts from April 2017

Sermon Notes – APRIL 30, 2017 – MISSION POSSIBLE

Bottom Line: Jesus gives his disciples a mission that will guide the rest of their lives…as well as the future of the church. We as disciples of Christ are to dedicate ourselves to fulfilling His instructions! Download the sermon notes here: FollowingJesusCommissionPart27BonsallNotes Listen to the sermon audio:

Sermon Notes – APRIL 23, 2017 – DEFEATING DECEPTION

Bottom Line: Immediately after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a cover-up began to deceive people and keep them from the truth. Believers need to stand against deception and be powerful voices for God’s truth in our culture today!   Listen to the sermon audio here: Download the sermon notes here: FollowingJesusDeceptionPart26 – 2017 04 23

Sermon Notes – APRIL 9, 2017 – THE CHOSEN LAMB

Bottom Line: The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem is a high point in the ministry of Jesus as he is welcomed by most but rejected by others. His victorious pursuit of death and sin is coming to a climax. Download the sermon notes here: FollowingJesusPalmSundayPart25BonsallNotes Listen to the sermon audio:

Sermon Notes – APRIL 2, 2017 – “LOOKS WHO’S COMING”

Bottom Line: This world will not always continue like it exists today. There is a day coming in which Jesus will return physically to meet His church in the air and to eventually set up a 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth!   Download the sermon notes here: FollowingJesusSecondComingPart24BonsallNotes Listen to the sermon audio…