Sermon Notes (Page 3)

Sermon Notes – Overcoming Barriers to Change

Bottom Line: Beyond acknowledging our need for change, we must identify the common barriers that hinder the transformation that God desires, and move forwarded by the power of the Holy Spirit!   Download the sermon notes here: FollowingJesusHealingPart16BonsallNotes Listen to the sermon audio here:

Sermon Notes – The Perfect Gift

Bottom Line: The birth of Jesus Christ is accompanied by some amazing events that remind us of some powerful theological truths that should encourage our faith in our mighty God! Download the sermon notes here: Christmas2016Notes12182016 Listen to the sermon audio here:

Sermon Notes – GOD WITH US!

Bottom Line: “God With Us” is an essential, joyful truth of Christmas and communicates the way in which God desires to relate to us as we trust in Him. Listen to the sermon audio here: Download the sermon notes: Christmas2016Notes12112016