High School Small Group Follow Up 2-26-12


This is our second week of going through some passages in the book of Revelation.  This week we looked at Revelation 4-5 to learn the concept of what it means to worship God.  There are multiple hymns sung in these chapters to God the Father and God the Son.  Your student learned that everyone worships something but that we as Christians have the choice to worship the true God. Worship is not just singing songs it is a way of life.  Your student was challenged to worship God and bring Him glory in every area of their lives.

As you go throughout your week help your child see the importance of worshipping God always.  Here are some questions that you can incorporate into your conversation:

  • How can we worship God?  How does God want us to worship Him?
  • Why does God deserve our worship?
  • How can you serve God in your life?

God Bless.

Joe Russell