High School Small Group Follow-Up 3/11/12

Dear parents,

This week was the fourth and final lesson in our small group series on the book of Revelation. The final lesson, built on Revelation 21, focused on how God will one day physically dwell with his people again and will personally ease the pain of all who have suffered. Students were challenged to answer the question, “How does this future state of relationship with God affect my current relationship with God?”

As you go throughout this week, help reinforce this teaching in your child’s life by asking the following questions as you have the opportunity.

  • One day our bodies will be made perfect at the resurrection and earth will be renewed into perfection.  How does this future hope affect your life now?  How does the fact that God will remove all suffering, pain, tears, and death encourage us in the hard times right now?
  • If God is going to remove all suffering what will He replace it with, and why?
  • We have God in us in the form of the Holy Spirit, if we’re followers of Christ. But how is this different than actually being able to walk with God, to actually be in physical proximity to God?

Thanks for praying for our teenagers and our small group ministry. Have an amazing week!

God Bless,

Joe Russell