High School Small Group Follow Up 3/18/12

Dear parents,

We’ve launched a two-week small group series on Bearing Fruit in Christ by examining the importance of “abiding” or “remaining” in Jesus.

Our key verses for this lesson came from John 15, part of a longer passage of Scripture that offers insight into Jesus’ final teachings for his disciples. He wanted them to grasp the reality of what was about to happen and to be prepared to maintain their faith once he was no longer physically with them. From this week’s passage, we discovered that Jesus’ disciples are fruitful when they remain rooted, abiding, and growing in him through obedience to his commands.

This truth is grounded in the idea of us as Christians spending time with God and developing spiritually healthy habits in our lives. Abiding or remaining in Jesus is a lifelong process and experience that requires discipline, commitment, faithfulness, teachability, and obedience.

I’d encourage you to take a few minutes this week to talk about some of the ways you’re seeing good fruit develop and grow in your teenager’s lives. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Jesus said his true followers would remain or abide in him. What do you think it means to remain or abide in Jesus?
  • How can your actions help produce good fruit in your life? For example, if you want to become more patient or loving or joyful, what are some specific things you can do to cultivate the “soil” of your heart?
  • Who do you know who exhibits many good fruit? What’s your sense of how those fruits developed in that person?

Thanks for your prayers and your commitment to our youth ministry and our small groups. Have a great day!

Joe Russell