WELCOME to Riverview Church’s “How Can We Help You?” Page!

Our "Ministers of Mercy" (MOM) ministry is a volunteer-based outreach to people in our church and local community. It is our desire to match up people's "needs" with the teams of people who hav offered to help-a-neighbor as they have need; some are financial, some need help moving or perhaps a few meals after a child is born or due to a family emergency.

Of course, if this is an emergency, call 911! If you need to speak to a Pastor or Counselor, please call the church office directly at 760.941.1430
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The Legal Stuff: Almost all of the Service provided by the Ministries of Mercy Service Team is provided at no charge. (If there is any charge the recipient will be notified in advance) If there is any desire to “make a donation” as a way of saying, “Thanks!” we ask that you give to the Riverview Church Benevolence Fund.

We make no claim to be professionals, we are just a “bunch of Good Samaritan” neighbors willing to step in and lend a hand. Lawyers would want us to point out that while we have proper insurance to cover the volunteer workers and “limited liability coverage … No warranty of guarantee is implied or expressed for any service provided. All help, when accepted, is accepted AS IS, and no guarantees are made. If meals are provided, it is provided and accepted in good faith, with no statements made about contents, other than the intent and desire is healthy comforting meal. And dietary limitations, restrictions or allergies must be dealt with by the recipient, and Riverview Church cannot be held liable as we are just the coordinator of one “willing to serve” and one “willing to accept the service” with no guarantees or warranties.