Junior High Small Group Follow-up 2/21/12

Dear parents,

Our small groups are continuing their study of James, and this week’s lesson—built around chapter 3—offered a powerful reminder about the impact of our words. James spends an entire section of his letter reminding Christians of the potentially destructive power of words.

Words are powerful. A simple statement can make someone’s day…or ruin it.

Thanks to today’s technology, we can instantly share our words in emails, text messages, Facebook comments, instant messages, and cell phone conversations—and they’re often done without much thought. Few sentences have the power of “I love you” or the disappointment of “no, I’m not interested.” A seemingly innocent joke or comment can make someone feel awkward and worthless. At the same time, an encouraging letter or comment may restore confidence.

I’m sure you’ve spent plenty of time over the years encouraging your child to speak positively to and about other people, so it might be quite natural to sit down this week and have a conversation about the power of our words. Here are some questions you could include in this chat:

  • Why can it be so tough for us to compliment other people—and avoid making negative statements?
  • Why do you think God cares about the words we speak or write?
  • Based on your small group conversation, when does a wise person speak? When might a wise person choose not to speak?

Each day you and your student have opportunities to use words in a way that encourage, protect, and build up others. One night, during a meal, take time to have family members encourage one another. Tell your kids what traits and qualities stand out as examples of God’s work. Talk about your love for your children—be as specific as possible, and use recent examples. Your words will be powerful!

Thank you for encouraging your student through this process of becoming the person God has created, planned, and desired!

God Bless,

Joe Russell