Junior High Small Group Follow-up 3/20/12

Dear parents,

Our small groups wrapped up their two-week series called “Time Out!” This week, we talked about some of the benefits of taking time to memorize verses from the Bible: we can build a deeper friendship with God, we can understand our purpose in life, and we can make better, wise choices.

Using Matthew 4:1-11, we saw how Jesus had memorized Scripture and how he used it when Satan delivered a series of temptations. Jesus didn’t have to rationalize or debate or consider the temptations tossed his way; he knew God the Father intimately and he knew Scripture intimately. Committing Scripture to memory can help us fight off Satan and his attacks. Jesus’ knowledge of Scripture provided a foundation for his confidence, security, and identity.

I’d encourage you to spend some time talking with your student about this week’s lesson. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • What do you think is the connection between knowing ABOUT a person and having a DEEP friendship with that person? How are those things related?
  • What was Jesus’ purpose when he came down to earth as God in human form? What is YOUR purpose in life?
  • How can memorizing Scripture help you make wiser, better choices?

Consider memorizing some verses from the Bible as a family this week. Everyone will benefit from it! Have a great week!

God Bless,

Joe Russell