Junior High Small Group Lesson Follow-up 3/6/12

Dear parents,

Our small groups have wrapped up series on the book of James. Chapter 5 proved to be a great opportunity to review the big ideas we’d already discussed in this series. In this lesson, we saw how taking advantage of other people isn’t worth it, how patience is never easy to develop, and why it’s important to pray for each other.

This week, as you find time to talk with your student about this lesson, consider using these questions during your conversation:

  • James talks about praying for people when they’re sick and confessing sins to each other. What are some of the other benefits of Christians praying for each other?
  • How do you display love for the “poor” and “needy” in your life? What action steps can you take in this area?
  • Which lessons in this series on James have proved the most challenging ones, forcing you to examine and re-evaluate your decisions or your spiritual health (main topics were: trials, temptations, faint and actions, controlling our tongue)? Why?

Ask your child for examples of things that are worthy of praise and examples of situations that need others’ help. Confess sin together and thank God for grace and forgiveness. If you have other children in your family bring everyone together for this experience. Thank you so much for the privilege to spend time with your student at youth group!

God Bless,

Joe Russell