Home Groups

Home Groups are a core part of the ministry at Riverview Church.  Our goal would be to have everyone at Riverview attending a Home Group.   Don’t worry if you’re new to Bible Studies, your Home Group will welcome you and make you feel right at “home.”   Home Groups meet in various homes in the towns around our church.

Home Groups are small groups of 8-16 people that meet on a weekly basis.

Home Groups generally begin with refreshments and a time of informal conversation.

Home Groups generally utilize a curriculum that is connected with the sermon given on the previous Sunday.  However, a number of the groups will, at times, utilize other studies at the discretion of the Home Group leader and the attenders.


Home Groups are flexible.  Even if you can’t make it every week, it’s a wonderful way to connect, grow, and make friends in our church.

Home Groups usually meet close to your home.  We try to connect people geographically as much as possible so your Home Group will have people who live close to you, making it easier to deepen the friendships even more.
If you would like to be in a Home Group, contact the church at 760.941.1430 or by e-mail:  sdynes@refc.org



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