Missions and Outreach Ministries

Riverview Church is committed to being a part of reaching a lost world for Christ.  Our Missions and Outreach theme at Riverview is “Across the Street, Around the World” and reflects the wording of Jesus’ command in Acts 1:8.  Presently the church supports 22 missionary families or entities that are committed to doing just that. Our “Missions Team” at Riverview consists of people who attend the church and meet regularly to pray for, communicate with, and oversee the funding of the missionaries that are part of the Riverview Church team. We also give assistance to the following ministries at the church:

The Annual Mexico Outreach Missions Trip – Each year a group of mostly young people and a growing number of adults travel down to Ensenada, Mexico to work with local churches in reaching out to children, families, and prisoners in that area. The trip has been a life-changing experience for those who go and is an exciting aspect of the missions endeavor here at Riverview.

The Loft House Builds – Approximately 6 times per year, Riverview attendees gather on a Saturday morning at the parking lot of the church to build the components for a small “Loft House” that will be delivered to Ensenada, Mexico.  Each of these Loft Houses provides a home to a family that has virtually nothing. This effort is coordinated with the local church in Ensenada and is a wonderful, practical way to change people’s lives. At this point, the church has delivered 49 Loft Homes.