Other Ministries


Sunday Mornings 9:30 am & 11 am on the lawn

Home groups

If you only have time for two activities through Riverview Church, we encourage you to faithfully attend Sunday Worship services and join a Home Group. A Home Group is a weekly gathering of 8-16 people who are committed to building spiritually significant relationships for growth and mutual encouragement within the context of Riverview Church. Groups are available on different days of the week, in various locations around the area. Call the church office and talk to Jeanette Kranz, our Connections Coordinator or email her by clicking here.

Mexico Outreach

Mexico Ministries sends a team on a week-long mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico each year. The teams are made up of youth and families, 12 and up. Our purpose is to:

*Bond with the people of the Mexican church partners

*Witness to the community through evangelistic programs and services

CLICK HERE for the a highlights video from Mexico Outreach.

To give to the Mexico Outreach fund click here.

The team member page is here.

Loft House Ministry

Riverview Church funds, builds, delivers and erects loft houses for needy families in Ensenada, Mexico. Working closely with pastors who minister in Ensenada, we have delivered more than 70 houses to families they have selected.

CLICK HERE for a video of a Loft House build".

If you want to know more, visit the Loft House page here.

"Visitation" Ministry

This is a great ministry that reaches out to those who are unable to attend Sunday worship services due to illness or health issues. The team visits these folks and spends some time sharing from the word, praying, and partaking in communion together. If you know of someone who might benefit from this ministry. Please contact the church if you know of someone who would benefit from these visits.

Celebrate Recovery Ministry

For those struggling with any hurts, habits and hangups…alcohol, drugs, mental health, sexual addictions, molestation, anger, gambling, codependency, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, family/relationships, abuse, procrastination, PTSD, health… 12 step format with ‘Jesus’ as our “Higher Power.” Mondays at  7pm.

Widow/Widowers Ministry

We desire to glorify Jesus Christ by serving, loving, and providing guidance and support in any way possible. We pray this ministry will bring renewed hope and faith in Jesus Christ, and help individuals to see God's plan and purpose for this season in their lives.

Grand-parenting Ministry

The Grand Parenting Ministry  provides inspiration, ideas and tools to help you realize your potential to grandparent in a meaningful way. 

hope For Prodigals Ministry

Receive renewed hope by praying for your prodigal with others. Call the church office for Zoom meeting times.

Riverview University

Riverview University presents organized classes that complement the Sunday Sermons, either going deeper than we do on Sunday (such as Church History or Apologetics), or taking a topic and running with it that we wouldn’t otherwise do on Sundays (such as Personal Finances or Parenting). Classes are typically held on Monday evenings, and vary in length from four to six weeks. These classes held in a smaller setting are informative and always allow for interaction. Most classes are offered free of charge.

Join us for four consecutive Monday nights; on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of October at 7pm in the Upper Room.  Dan Toth has developed a 4-week class regarding the major scriptural, historical, archaeological and geological aspects of the search for Noah's Ark.  Edifying, enlightening, educational and enthralling evidence, which is based on 'truthful' facts: coupled with the eyewitness account of SSGT Ed Davis, who claimed to have seen the Ark, while he was stationed in Lurestan, Iran during World War II."  

(Genesis 8:4)

CLICK HERE for the Video Series on "How to Reach Your Neighbor".