Loft House


Sunday Mornings 9:30 am & 11 am on the lawn

Loft House

A loft house is a simple, two-story house that is built for a poor family in Ensenada, Mexico. Inside, we provide a cabinet along with a propane stove and gas bottle as well as some food and household supplies. This ministry is an expression of 1 John 3:17-18. We work with three Mexican pastors in Ensenada who choose the families to recieve the houses. In many cases, the family previously lived in a place made of scrap wood and plastic sheeting with no windows, a dirt floor, and a curtain for a door. In other cases, they are crowded into a much too small place along with other families. By the end of 2019, Riverview will have provided loft houses for over 70 families.

There are two phases in building each house:

Parking lot build

The parts of the house are prefabricated in Riverview's back parking lot on a Saturday. This is an activity anyone who can swing a hammer can do. Invite your friends, Christian and non-Christian. We frame the walls, roof sections, and flooring. We put exterior siding on the walls and plywood and roofing material on the roof sections and porch cover. Finally we load it all onto the church truck, along with carpeting, linoleum, stairs, windows, foundation blocks, a door, etc.

Next Parking Lot Build: #73 on Saturday, September 28 at 8 am.

Loft House delivery

On another Saturday, we meet up with a pastor in Ensenada and assemble and paint the house. You need a passport to go but there are tasks for almost anyone. The team leaves early in the morning and the house is normally complete by lunch time. The family (with their church's help) provides us with lunch and then we return home. Typically we are back at Riverview before dark.

Next delivery: #73 on October 12. Contact Bill Drennan for a seat.

CLICK HERE for a video of a Loft House build.

Loft House #71