Weekly Events

Refuge Ministries is an all inclusive ministry. We offer weekly meetings that include a 12-step program, Foundations Study, and a Friday Night Refuge.  This ministry is lead by Pastor Ben Mechler. 


On Wednesdays we seek spiritual growth and the abundant life that Christ freely offers those who follow Him. We encourage one another as we come to understand our true identity in Christ.  We are currently in a series titled, Uprooting Fear. This weekly series is held here at Riverview and all are available to attend or to watch online. 

MONDAY - 7:00 PM

The Twelve Steps are a set of biblical principles that outline a course of action for tackling problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, overeating, sex addiction, and more.

FRIDAY - 7:00 PM 

Each Friday night, we focus on a topic related to our addictions, dependencies, and character defects that helps us in our sobriety and to aid in our spiritual transformation utilizing the 12 steps. 

Up Coming Events