Just Like Jesus For a Change

Dec 31, 2023    Pastor Mel Svendsen

Riverview's 9:15 AM Service with Pastor Mel Svendsen 1/31/23.

Just Like Jesus - For a Change | Happy New Year!

Bottom Line: Followers of Christ must have a commitment to lifelong, positive change as we pursue the goal of being like Christ.

1. Celebrate the Lord's desire to not just save you but to grow you up in your faith!

2. Objectively assess your present spiritual condition.

a. A Seeker

b. A New Believer

c. A "Status Quo" Believer

d. A Self-Centered Believer

e. A Mature Believer

3. Realizing that God calls me to work together with Him in the process of sanctification

Conclusion: Do life ("the race") in this way:

-Know the goal!

-Give it your best-dependent on the Spirit

-Reject the distractions.

-Keep the end in mind.