Understanding Trials!

Feb 25, 2024

Life Changing Faith - Book of James

Bottom Line: God works in our lives through difficult trials to accomplish His purposes and bring us to a mature faith.

1. Trials are part of life but remind us that God is at work! James 1:2-3a

Trials: Hardships which God either permits or causes in our lives to accomplish His purposes if we respond in godly obedience.

Textual Points in v. 2

a. "Count It" - consider it - new way of thinking, knowing there is a sovereign God. Romans 12:2

b. "All Joy" -because God promises a good result. Romans 8:28

c. "When" - not "if", reminder that in a fallen world, our rebellion against God has consequences. Roman 8:18;22-23

d. "Various Trials" - we need to understand that trials arise in a number of ways.

2. God's intentional purpose is to grow us as Christians! James 1:3b-4

Test: A process used for evaluation or diagnosis with a goal of improvement. God "test" us not for His sake, but for our sake. He knows our spiritual condition perfectly.

A Steadfast Faith (hupomone):

Living courageously obedient to the principles of God's Word, no matter what the circumstances.

Conclusion: Who God is and where God wants to take me gives me joy no matter what God utilizes.