Refuge Recovery 12 Step Purpose
The purpose of Refuge Recovery is to unleash  God’s healing power for recovery in our lives. Regardless of the struggle —whether emotional, financial, spiritual, relational, sexual, chemical, or other — the needs are the same. Each of us needs repentance and recovery in order to live our lives the way God intended. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God ... The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 3:23 and 6:23)."
By working the steps and applying their biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually and eventually become free from our destructive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. This freedom creates joy, peace, and, most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with others and our loving and forgiving Higher Power, Jesus Christ.
Refuge Recovery 12 Step IS:
  • An anonymous, confidential, safe place to share your experiences and struggles with others who are dealing with the same issues.
  • A place where others facing your similar struggles can share encouragement and hope.
  • A tried-and-true plan of recovery for whatever struggle you are facing.
  • An opportunity to share what Jesus Christ has done in your life.
  • A place to be who you are and get in touch with God’s love for you!
Refuge Recovery 12 Step is NOT:
  • A place to judge others or engage in gossip.
  • A place to “fix” others.
  • A place to feel shame or hide secrets.
  • A place to meet dating partners.
Our Struggles
Sunday morning at church. Smiling, greeting others, and hiding the turmoil underneath. Putting on the mask of perfection that hides the depression, anxiety, or addiction that we don't want others to see at church because we think that God's house is not the place to air "dirty laundry."  But church is not meant to be a hotel for saints … it was designed to be a hospital for sinners! Jesus called believers to reach out to each other to empower recovery from life's struggles. That is why we have Refuge Recovery, a 12-step recovery program designed to help people connect with God and others in a fresh, new way and experience healing and hope. Chances are, you know someone who could benefit from the power of participation in Refuge Recovery. Perhaps that someone is YOU!